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Trying to install Gentoo.

Gentoo Logo
I downloaded the livecd installer of Gentoo 2008.0 and, as I was expecting, I wasn’t able to install it.
The differences between Ubuntu and Gentoo are BIG.
You can’t even think to install it without reading the documentation and … there is a graphical installer in the live cd, and that’s the one I used, but forget it.
I guess they put them there just for cosmetics.

Guys, please, if it doesn’t work don’t put it in: Gentoo is for experts. period. Don’t put graphical installers just for trying to say: “Hey! Gentoo is easy! What’s up with you, dude?”.

Well… actually i was able to copy files in the partition I reserved for it… but… when are you going to ask me about the boot manager?

Ok, ok… it was just a test. I’ll try later…


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I built a deb package for Ubuntu 32 bit, that’s available here:

Anyways… these are the instructions for building it, in double precision.
I’m Using Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit

Updated instructions are available in the Ubuntu Forums Thread.


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My Radio Playlist

This is my m3u playlist for italian streaming radio stations I’m currently listening to.

I found the addresses digging into the internet sites or copying them from elsewhere.


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