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I built a deb package for Ubuntu 32 bit, that’s available here:

Anyways… these are the instructions for building it, in double precision.
I’m Using Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit

Updated instructions are available in the Ubuntu Forums Thread.



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Recently, I subscribed a Voipbuster account for calling italian land phones, and many other destinations (including USA cellphones) for free and sending sms at very low rates.

Even if i discovered Voipcheap that offers very interesting rates for italian mobiles, and it’s owned by the same company (the german Betamax), these two sites don’t offer the virtual landphone number I needed for receiving a call from regular phones on my pc.

I solved the problem with Messagenet, an italian company that offers a FREE virtual landphone number you can use with your VoIP hardware or software phone.

Moreover a wide range of calling plans and cheap rates are offered.

So… Using My Ekiga softphone in Linux, I’m able to call, most of the time for free, and receive calls enabling two VoIP accounts.

Moreover, many phone companies offer free calls to italian landphones just paying a cheap monthly fee, so you can be called for free.

Isn’t this interesting?

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My Radio Playlist

This is my m3u playlist for italian streaming radio stations I’m currently listening to.

I found the addresses digging into the internet sites or copying them from elsewhere.


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Hi all,

This is my first post here! I hope I’ll write here frequently and for long…

I’m typing this brief post from my blogger applet in the Gnome environment, in Ubuntu Linux 8.04… just testing.

See you later!

Note: the older posts are taken from my old blogspot blog.

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